What are the basic bets on hockey?

The list of basic hockey stakes is close to the lines for other team sports. Among them are such options:
Result. The bookmaker will offer you to choose the winner of the meeting. There are three options – a victory of the first, of the second, or a draw. Also in hockey, there is a specific bet – a victory based on overtime.
Allowance. Under the terms of this bet, one of the teams receives a certain handicap. It can be positive or negative. In the case of positive odds, the team must “keep the advantage”, and in the case of a negative – “playback”.
Total. Bet on the total number of statistics in the match. There are two types of the total – more and less. A variant of this bet is an individual total, in line with its conditions the player bets on the total number of statistical indicators of one team or a specific hockey player.

How to choose a bookmaker?

Some more tips on choosing a bookmaker will help you to make your game safer and more profitable.

Tip 1. Check out the ratings of bookmakers
Look on the Internet for different resources with bookmakers’ ratings. If the office you choose is at the top of these sites, it is a big plus in favor of the reliability of the institution. However, reliability does not always mean high profits.

Tip 2. Have regard to the bookmaker’s license
The more background the office has, the better it is.

Tip 3. Evaluate the usability of the bookmaker’s site
A comfortable site plays an important role in the psychological mood of the player. There are sites that take a long time to load, open pages slowly and hang up periodically. In a “live” game, such trifles can easily deprive you of profit: bet on one factor, and it turns out that it has already changed.

Tip 4. Learn the mechanism of input-output of funds
Some offices introduce additional rules to identify the player. You will be asked to send a scanned passport, proof of registration, a photo with an ID card in hand, and even a communal services card.

Tip 5. Ask about the quality of bookmaker’s technical support
Adequacy and speed of technical support are the most important indicator of the office’s attitude to players. The faster and clearer you are answered, the better the chances that in controversial situations the decision of the administration will be fair.

Is it promising to bet on hockey?

Remember there is no office that would like the positive and successful players. If you manage to regularly win the bookmaker for large sums, be ready that your account may be blocked.

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