What is hockey betting?

Hockey is a spectacular and dynamic sport. Unlike football, more goals are scored here, and the 1-2 goals in the course of the match do not guarantee the team victory in the match. Thus to play in a draw in this discipline is impossible. If the winner is not found in the main time, a series of bullets is held – post-match penalties. Players play until the winning end until one of the teams makes a mistake.
A draw in the main time is much more expensive here than in football. It is much more difficult to guess the exact score in hockey, although some handicappers make a profit on this discipline. Even here there are stakes on the results of periods, the number of withdrawals, the total penalty time of the team. As in football, gambling on statistics is favored among hockey professional handicappers. Players in bookmakers are helped by cybers – special programs that deal with calculating probabilities.
This sport is best suited for live gambling, i.e during the match. Events are developing so rapidly that only experienced handicappers have time to assess the prospects of a result and place a stake while the odds are at the maximum level.

What are the benefits of hockey betting?


Hockey is less than other sports in favor of bookmaking lovers, which are so fond of betting. Match-fixing is very popular in this discipline, so it is more difficult to predict the results.
According to the observations of professional handicappers, there is the lowest level of passability of kefs from 1.5 and below. This means that betting on underdogs is more profitable in the long run.

Here are all the characteristics and benefits of hockey stakes:

  • a variety of markets for each match;
  • more international and domestic tournaments, in which there are often unequal ranked teams (which means there is a chance to make a profit on stakes against the favorites);
  • this is one of the most unpredictable sports, which threatens to make mistakes in the betting line;
  • even outsiders “from the bottom of the standings in principled fights from time to time beat the leaders;
  • there are many developed hockey gambling strategies, especially for National Hockey League games.

There are also disadvantages. Since not all bookmakers have this sport as a priority, beeches set low limits on hockey for the amount of the stakes, which for professional handicappers means a loss of profit.
And if it is not difficult to find a TV broadcast of even minor football tournaments, then NHL hockey matches or European championships will have to be searched on the Internet, which means a delay in transmission and inconvenience for playing “live”.
As in football matches, you can bet on hockey according to other people’s predictions. There are dozens of resources on the Internet on which both amateurs and professional bettors publish their forecasts.
Again, a paid subscription does not guarantee quality: fraudsters and amateurs who pretend to be pros are full in any field of gambling business.
What are the types of hockey bets?
There are dozens of hockey stakes. The list of Hockey League matches includes many markets, including stakes on statistics and individual totals (how many points a player will score).

But first, it is enough to know the 7 main types of hockey stakes.


  1. Bets on the result
    As in other sports, hockey betting on the result is the most popular. If you bet on the main time, then you have – 3 results if you take into account overtime and bullets, but no draws. But do not forget that it is a kind of lottery, in which the strongest does not always win. And another nuance that beginners forget: in hockey, the principle of scoring is different from football, so bettors must take into account the tournament schedules. Towards the end of the season, it happens that a specific team is quite satisfied with a draw in regular time and is not afraid of defeat in a series of bullets.
  2. Total rates
    Total bets answer the question “how much?”. How many goals will be scored in the game by both teams or one of them. The total is placed either for the main time or for a specific period.
  3.  Odds betting
    Handicaps are used mainly by experienced players. The essence of such stakes is that a pre-known number of goals is added to the final result of the game. If you bet on an outsider, it will be a positive handicap (+1.5 + 2.5), if on the favorite – a minus.
  4. Long-term rates
    Bets on the winner of the tournament long before its end. In foreign bookmakers, such bets are called “futures”. This is a stake for the most patient players, who know how to calculate the probabilities not only of a single game but also schedules for the whole season.
  5. Double result
    Bet with insurance – on a win or a draw against a draw. In offices, such stakes look like 1X (victory or draw of the first team), 2X (victory or draw of the second), 12 (against a draw).
  6. Win with bullets
    Another stake with insurance is the victory of the team, taking into account the bullets
  7. Asian Handicap
    Almost the same as gambling on odds, but with halves and quarters. This is the most difficult type of betting to calculate – Asian forms are used mainly by experienced players. In essence, this is a stake on 2 results at once, and the amount is divided into 2 equal halves. That way, you win (or lose) either half the amount or all of it.

Is it worth gambling on this sport?


Thus, hockey gambling is a promising way to earn money, if you, of course, understand this sport and at the same time understand the mechanisms of the bookmaker.

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