What are the advantages of betting on hockey?

The audience of this sport is wide. It is especially popular in North America, the post-Soviet space, as well as in Central Europe and Scandinavia. Due to its high popularity, hockey bets are offered by almost all bookmakers. This sport has several significant advantages. Among them are the following ones:
Wide list of events. Bookmakers offer quite wide lines for hockey, especially in popular tournaments – NHL, KHL, World Cup. The player will always be able to choose the appropriate events for themselves.
High efficiency and many comebacks. In hockey, unlike football, events change like in a kaleidoscope. In just two minutes of playing time, the leader can change a couple of times. Therefore, hockey is especially interesting for fans of betting on a comeback or Live.
A huge number of matches. Unlike football, which is characterized by no more than 2 matches a week, in hockey for 7-8 days can be held 3-4 rounds. This is mostly actual for the NHL, where teams can play even the next day. Therefore, you get not only a constant field for bids, but also a large amount of material for analysis.

What to consider when analyzing events?

When analyzing hockey events, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:
Current form. It is necessary to analyze the series of teams, the number of victories and defeats in the season and for the last segments, the number of goals conceded and goals conceded, etc. It is best to take for analysis at least 5-7 matches.
History of confrontations. An especially important indicator in this discipline, because the same teams are able to play several times a season. If one of the teams successfully opposes the enemy, it is a definite plus for a betting fan. This can be a big plus even if the team has a less successful season than its opponent.
The territory of a match. In this sport, home series often alternate with away games. The team can play 4-5 matches at home, and then – 4-5 away matches. In this sport, more comfortable conditions for teams are especially clear, some are more successful on their ice, and some are away.
Tournament position. In the NHL, some teams are desperately fighting to reach the playoffs, and some who have already failed the season, may “merge” the season for a higher selection in the draft.

Is it profitable to bet on hockey?

If you plan to bet regularly and successfully on hockey, choosing the right bookmaker is almost the most crucial thing. The best online bookmakers offer their players a wide selection of high odds markets, generous welcome bonuses, live broadcasts, and the ability to bet on while playing.

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