Portland Jr. Winterhawks

PJW Travel/Tier Hockey



The Travel or Tier program gains it's name from the competitive levels (tiers) which are how the most elite leagues in the Pacific Northwest and "Lower Mainland" British Columbia are organized.  Tournaments are played early in the season to establish "tiers" or levels of play to promote the utmost competition at the elite levels but still establish some relative skill boundaries for healthy competition.  

Clearly this is a more competitive level of hockey for the players who have the drive to push themselves and compete. It requires a greater commitment of time, intensity and finances, which is primarily a function of the extra ice time and scheduled games and tournaments all across the Pacific NW and BC. The emphasis at this level is on competitiveness with other teams at the same level. Winning is always a consideration but emphasis is placed on character development, team play and long term athlete development as per the American Development Model. Players at this level should be prepared for the rigors of on and off ice practices, travel and the intensity of the game.

As players at this level represent the organization, respect, sportsmanship, self-discipline and adherence to team rules is extremely important. Players and parents should understand that ice time at the Tiered level is not guaranteed. Players must continue to practice and play hard, keep up their grades and follow team rules in order to get ice time.  Try out dates will be posted on the association web site.  Players will be rated on skill, game awareness, team play and attitude. Head Coaches will be provided input from the Evaluation Committee. The head coach will have the final say as to who makes the team.
Based upon the size of our association at any given time, we will typically field Tier II teams at the Squirt, Peewee, Bantam and Midget levels. These teams may play at the Tier I level if, in the opinion of the Coach, the Coaching director and the Tier director, the team would be competitive at that level. In this case the Coach must provide a memorandum to the PJW board indicating his/her desire to play at the higher level, signed by the Coach and the Coaching and Tier Directors.